“Polish independence”: end if the protests in Warsaw coup

Polish opposition effectively blocked the presidential Palace in Warsaw. In the center of the city gathered tens of thousands of people, dissatisfied with the leadership of the country. The crowd heard the word “revolution”. Visually all very reminiscent of the beginning of the Ukrainian Euromaidan.


The situation to aggravate the leaders of the opposition parties, who from the rostrum directly complain about the current government. To the center of the city sent a convoy of minibuses with special forces.


It all started the night with a scandal in the Sejm. In the last year the meeting discussed the laws that cut pensions for former military and restricted the rights of journalists. In protest, the opposition blocked the rostrum (again, as in the Verkhovna Rada). But the speaker of the Sejm postponed the meeting to another room, where without participation of the opposition and the electronic voting system still passed the controversial laws.


At this time, outside the Parliament building protesters have gathered. The leader of the ruling party of Jaroslaw Kaczynski was evacuated by the police – his car had to break through the crowd. In this case the police used force and, according to some reports, tear gas. Several people firmly held.


Protests still going on and not only in Warsaw. People take to the streets and other major cities – Krakow, Poznan and Lodz. The Minister explicitly stated that this is a coup attempt.