Medvedev: the money from privatization of “Rosneft” will transfer in the budget


RIA Novosti

Rosneftegaz transfer to the budget all the money from privatization of 19.5% of Rosneft shares, there is no doubt, said on Thursday Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev in an interview with Russian TV channels.

“By the way, another solution, which I adopted in connection with the privatization, related to the support of those fields where the level of flooding, as they say, is higher than other. “Rosneft” such deposits is, she needs help just so that they these problems has decided, that for the purposes of, including, and created Rosneftegaz. As for the transfers in the budget, we issued a Directive, which, of course, 100% will be fulfilled, and there is no doubt: every penny will go to the budget, there is even nothing to discuss”, — Medvedev said on Thursday.

During the interview, Medvedev stressed that there are different priorities there are priorities of development of the industry, and there are budget priorities, and “Rosneftegaz” was created to solve both problems.

“Not only accumulate dividends, but also to solve problems related to the development of the oil and gas industry – it’s not in perfect condition, we understand this, and a number of depleted fields,” said Medvedev.