In the defense Ministry pointed out the shortest way to peace in Syria

A unique operation of the Russian centre of Reconciliation for the safe withdrawal from Aleppo militants made it possible not only to save the lives of 10 thousand Syrians. But also opened new opportunities for the cessation of hostilities in other parts of Syria. This was stated by the official representative of the Ministry of defense Igor Konashenkov.


According to him, thanks to the efforts of the Russian officers, there was a separation of the militants of the so-called “moderate opposition” from the uncompromising radicals. US with this task could not cope for a year. Now we need to continue to negotiate directly with all parties to the conflict. With the exception of terrorists.


All attempts to replace the hard negotiation work on the ground with the armed opposition some conferences in a comfortable Western capitals with representatives of the “higher negotiating committees” or area in Aleppo some “observers” – a dead-end and useless way. And the sooner this is realize in Paris, London and Washington, which are not yet even able to send humanitarian aid to Syria, the sooner there will be peace,” said Konoplenko.



Photo: News_Executive / twitter