The state Department acknowledged the cessation of hostilities in Aleppo

U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry, the US admitted that shelling and bombing of Aleppo, Syria has ceased, and the city started to be taken people. However, as reported TASS, he expressed the opinion that the war in the Arab country will not stop.

“Apparently, within a certain time not conducted the bombing and shelling. The ceasefire can be maintained,” Kerry said. According to him, as the next steps necessary to ensure the ceasefire regime, in which attacks should decline “as government forces and allies, and other warring parties in Aleppo,” reports “Interfax”.

He also pointed to the need to provide full access for humanitarian organizations and to ensure the evacuation “of civilians and militants who wish to leave the city.”

According to Kerry, it is important to begin the process led by the Syrians, “aimed at ending the war and the transfer of power to a more representative government.” “Without this, the opposition will continue to fight terrorists will enter the country,” he added.

On 15 December it became known that the Syrian army is the result of offensive drove the militants out of all their controlled districts of Aleppo. According to the Deputy chief of the Main operations Directorate of the General staff Lieutenant-General Viktor Posnaia, was eliminated more than 900 extremists destroyed dozens of pieces of heavy weapons and military equipment, more than three thousand fighters voluntarily resigned from Aleppo, more than half of them pardoned.

Aleppo is one of the largest cities in Syria. In 2012, the Eastern part seized various Islamist and rebel groups, and the West remained under the control of the Syrian army. In mid-December of 2016, Syrian troops took the city as a whole.