Wikileaks revealed leaked correspondence Clinton

Correspondence of the chief of staff, Clinton John Podestà, published by Wikileaks during the presidential campaign in the United States, became public thanks to the insiders in the Democratic party of the United States, not the Russian hackers. This was announced by former UK Ambassador to Uzbekistan Craig Murray, and a close friend of the founder of the portal of Julian Assange in an interview with The Daily Mail.

The diplomat says that he personally received the documents from an informant in a wooded area near Washington. Source name Murray refused to name.

According to the British diplomat, the reasons which have induced the insider to take this step, have become corrupt schemes around the Clinton Foundation, as well as exclusion from the presidential campaign of Senator Bernie Sanders.

“I don’t understand why the CIA said that information came from Russian hackers, when they should know that this is not so,” said Murray.

November 2 this year, Murray has already stated that the informant is in the Democratic party. “The source of these letters and the leak has absolutely nothing to do with Russia. I found out his identity when he was in Washington at the presentation of the award named after Sam Adams, which is obtained from informants,” said Murray.

The first part of the array of materials, now known under the title “letters Podestà”, was published on 7 October this year. “In the letters address issues of nuclear energy, as well as donations to the Clinton Foundation, from mining,” explained the founder of the site Julian Assange. In addition, part of the letters on Turkey and its interests in the Syrian conflict, and the role in the fight against the international terrorist organization “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia).

During the election campaign, WikiLeaks has published in a number of techniques tens of thousands of documents this correspondence.

The dissemination of these data is the former candidate for US presidents from Democratic party Hillary Clinton and us officials accused Russia.