“Very aggressive” raccoon albino was transformed in a new mistress

“Very aggressive” raccoon albino was transformed in a new mistress

The founder of a shelter for animals in Georgia (USA) Maxine Baird rescued “very aggressive” raccoon albino from living in poor conditions, and since the animal became the nicest resident of the kennel and does not cease to cuddle with the hostess.

Once Baird has offered to temporarily adopt a very aggressive female raccoon albino who had to endure bullying from owners and live in poor conditions.

The girl who had already gathered in his kennel about 200 raccoons, agreed, but expected that with the new animal will develop an uneasy relationship.

However, when the raccoon got into the kennel, she seemed not aggressive and dirty and sad, besides, the animal was wounded.

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Eventually, the relationship Byrd and new pet has changed.

“At a time when I was going through trouble in his personal life, the raccoon came up to me, sniffed me and put his paws on my hand. Since then, she has become for me the cutest raccoon I’ve ever met. We have a really good relationship,” said Baird, writes Bored Panda.

According to the girl, now a new pet does not stop “kissing and hugging” and considers Byrd his mother.