Ukraine will face decades of poverty – IMF

Ukraine is a poor country a few decades. So says the head of a recent mission from the International monetary Fund (IMF) to Kiev Ron van Ore, reports RIA Novosti.


The organization believes that the state of Affairs in the Ukrainian economy will improve and will be able to reach the level of development of the European economy, not earlier than one generation (25 years).


Currently, according to the IMF, the economic situation in the country is several times worse than in Poland or Romania.


The IMF said that it is ready to provide financial aid to Kiev, but the Ukrainian authorities are making it takes. In particular, still can not accept the new budget.


The organization will also take into account the fact that Ukraine is a poor borrower, who has still not paid Russia for the loan of three billion dollars.

Photo: Sergii Kharchenko / / Globallookpress