The budget of the Pension Fund of Russia is not experiencing a deficit, the head of the FIU

The costs of the Pension Fund income in full, this was stated by the head of Fund Anton Drozdov on the pages of the newspaper “Izvestia”.


“Just want to say that all the talk about the budget deficit of the Pension Fund of Russia – a myth. Budget spending in full income,” – said Drozdov.


Drozdov noticed that the income of the FIU consists of transfers from the Federal budget and insurance premiums for pension insurance that are paid by the employers and self-employed residents of the Russian Federation.


Also the head of the FIU reminded that each article costs the Pension Fund has a clearly defined source of funding, the organization’s budget is already made up and will not change, so that in 2017, all pensions and social benefits will be paid in full.

Photo: Andrew Telichev / RIA Novosti