Scientists have found another proof of global warming

Scientists have found another proof of global warming

Climate scientists once again were right — global warming to be. Unfortunately, the event will not bring positive consequences: wet regions will become even more damp and dry, doomed to transform into desert.

A new study conducted at the University of Southampton in England, confirms the theoretical model of the impact of global warming on the so-called global precipitation.

To measure the amplification of the water cycle — the water cycle in nature — the researchers collected and analyzed water samples from oceans around the globe.

The salinity level of the ocean depends on the outflow of fresh water. In “wet” regions of fresh water in the ocean flows in abundance, the reverse situation in the drylands where water resources are scanty. Analyzed samples showed that the level of salinity in humid regions has been steadily declining due to the increase in precipitation.

As noted in the study, in reality, the gain speed of the water cycle are slightly lower than presented in the models, but the differences are insignificant.

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According to him, revealed the correlation between the climatic models generated in different scientific communities around the world, and practical observations adds to the scientists confidence in the future forecasts and development scenarios of the effects of greenhouse gases in the planet’s atmosphere, reports the portal