Finnish dogs will protect from the wolves pepper

Finnish dogs will protect from the wolves pepper

Dogs living in the Finnish town of Nurmes, will wear special clothing to protect from the wolves. About it reports BBC News.

Pets dressed in vests filled with powder based on chili peppers. After the bite the pepper will be on the face and in the mouth of a predator. This is usually enough to deter.

The Creator of the vest Jussi Aro (Jussi Aro) about ten years working on non-lethal means to control wolves. He chose Nurmes to test his invention, because in the vicinity of this city the wolf population is particularly high.

From the beginning, they killed 32 dogs, local residents afraid to let children and Pets outside.

In March it was reported that in Chukotka, the pack of wolves attacked twice at the musher with sled dogs. The attacks stopped only after the intervention of the old members of the pack who were not involved in the attacks.