European blitz: in Brussels quickly decide what to do with sanctions against Russia

The operating time of the EU summit today decided to cut to the limit. Instead of the usual two days of the next meeting in Brussels will hold for one day. The main issue on the agenda – whether to extend for another six months sanctions against Russia. While European leaders are no public discussions on this topic do not want. German Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Francois Hollande were going to meet with a ready solution – not in favor of Russia.


As noted, the EU has already nobody cares that Russia is not a party to the Minsk agreements. But Ukraine is and to execute them in a hurry. But the leaders of the Old world, and pretend that he’s one of them, Petro Poroshenko is now obsessed with a new idea of how to introduce anti-Russian sanctions over Syria. On a telephone conversation with Donald Tusk on this subject was reported on the official website of the Ukrainian President.


“President Poroshenko stressed that counting on the continuation of EU sanctions against Russia because of the failure of the Minsk agreements. He also expressed concern about the humanitarian situation in Aleppo, Syria, and noted that such actions Russia deserves sanctions”, – stated in the message.


The same Donald Tusk today to tell and the so-called mayor of East Aleppo, which these days is somehow not helping their fellow citizens in the city, and in a good suit, travels to Europe.


This influential European politicians are sure that a new wave of sanctions will harm primarily Europe.


“Anyone who thinks that the introduction of additional sanctions will help to resolve the Syrian drama, takes a special form of naivety. This does not give Russia any impression,” said European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker.


The agenda of the summit was listed another important issue is the consideration of a visa-free regime for Ukraine. Poroshenko has repeatedly promised that before the end of the year Ukrainians will be able freely to travel to Europe. But the European Parliament has once again failed to meet expectations of the city: the consideration of the question postponed again – now to April 2017.

Photo: Winfried Rothermel picture alliance / Globallookpress