Ambassadors of Russia and Iran summoned to the foreign Ministry of the Netherlands



Netherlands Ministry of foreign Affairs summoned the Russian and Iranian ambassadors over the situation in Aleppo, according to a Twitter office.

“Koenders (Minister of foreign Affairs of the Netherlands) calls the ambassadors of Russia and Iran. Need to make possible the evacuation of Aleppo,” the statement reads.

Earlier Wednesday, the militants attempted to break out of Aleppo. According to the Russian Center reconciliation of the warring parties, the terrorists took advantage of the truce and resumed fighting.

The rebels planned to take out of town around 06:00 local time on buses through the corridor in the quarter Salah ad-DIN. However, when the buses arrived to the place of loading at the appointed time, the militants regrouped and began to fire at the transport. The attack was repulsed, the Syrian army continued the operation to retake the Eastern areas of Aleppo.

On the night of 14 December, the Syrian authorities announced a ceasefire in Aleppo and a peaceful exit from the city of insurgents and members of their families. It was planned that Aleppo will leave 5 thousand rebels.