The General pointed out the reason of transition of Palmyra under the control of militants



The situation around the Syrian Palmyra evidence of failures in military planning, including due to prolonged humanitarian pauses, allowing the militants to regroup and to leave from punishment, said the General of the army Yury Baluyevsky, chief of General staff of the Armed forces of Russia in 2004-2008. “This is another blow to the prestige. Including – and our prestige,” said Baluyevsky, “Interfax-AVN”.

It was necessary to anticipate this development, the General said, and calculate their actions.

“The fact that the militants will not stop – it was clear. And the fact that today we do I like the military, it is difficult to understand – that the humanitarian pause, in particular,” he said.

On Sunday afternoon, the defense Ministry reported that the militants regroup and then made another attempt the capture of Palmyra. The militants took the ancient castle in Palmyra and the Syrian city of Tadmor on the outskirts of Palmyra.

The Syrian army and militias retreated from the Central areas of Palmyra and moved into positions around the city.

VZGLYAD analysed in detail the transition of Palmyra under the control of militants.

On the morning of Sunday, the defense Ministry reported that during the night, with the active support of aviation Air and space forces of Russia to the Syrian government forces repelled all attacks by terrorists on Palmyra.

In the night of Sunday the military information service of the Syrian government forces reported that militants of the terrorist organization “Islamic state” rejected from Palmyra.

On Saturday, the VZGLYAD newspaper pointed out that the situation in HOMS province has intensified and Palmyra, once liberated from ISIS with the help of the Russian space forces is now under threat.