“The gallows for a couple”: how to meet in Kherson supporters of Kiev

The TV channel “Star” continues the project “Ukraine: East West” dedicated to the lives of ordinary people in the neighboring country. The next city visited by the blogger Alexander Fomin, – Kherson. Here are the naval school, major port, and universities.


The blogger found that the majority of residents of Kherson configured to restore good-neighborly relations with Russia and did not fear some kind of “Russian aggression” from the neighboring Crimea, which they always say Kyiv authorities.


In Kherson maintained in good condition, the memorial Alley dedicated to the heroes of the great Patriotic war. However, on the monument to “Heroes of Stalingrad” missing a few letters, and the Eternal flame at the memorial is not illuminated. However, on the pedestal of Eternal fire showing “the hangman’s tree for maydonutyh” (spelling of the author saved – approx. ed.). This inscription illustrates the attitude of many of the residents of Kherson to the Euromaidan and the change of power in Ukraine: the majority of respondents blogger sharply expressed about the current Kiev authorities.


A new series of the project “Ukraine: East West” look Thursday, December 15, on the website tvzvezda.ru and the TV channel “Star”.