The crew of the “Star” was detained at the airport of Chisinau

Film crew of TV channel “Zvezda” was detained at the airport of Chisinau on the path of the unrecognized Transnistrian Republic in Moscow. Correspondent Konstantin khudoleev and operator Vyacheslav Malutin covered presidential elections and the victory of the candidate of Vadim Krasnoselsky. To get from Transnistria to Russia was only possible through the airport in the capital of Moldova. However, there is the local law enforcement authorities without explanation gave the journalists a thorough inspection – and this despite the fact that the Moldovan foreign Ministry issued them a work permit on the territory of the Republic.


“The problems we have started on passport control, where girls Pogranichniy saw our passports. Apparently, some kind of signal they have passed through the system. We were taken into a special room for inspection. Inspect at a time. Vyacheslav spent about half an hour. Where the border guards were interested in the purpose of our visit. Although the purpose of them was already known at that time: they showed us our own stories that have been posted online, and asked to write a letter of explanation to the head of the airport “Chisinau”,” khudoleev said.


After the journalists made the document, militiamen began to check their belongings.


“Nothing illegal we are not. Also we didn’t have a video because he feared precisely such provocations at the Moldovan border. We moved in with no equipment and rented equipment on the spot”, – told the correspondent.


From the crew of the “Stars” took away all cheques for accommodation in Transnistria and car rental. Then they returned the passport. Khudoleeva reported that entry to Moldova closed to him for 10 years.


At the moment the journalists were released, and the guards personally escorted them to the plane.


The official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said that the Russian side will investigate the incident.