Scientists told how to choose Christmas gifts

Scientists told how to choose Christmas gifts

According to American researchers, whose article published in the journal Current Directions in Psychological Science, the choice of Christmas gifts many of us make a typical mistake: imagine the face of the donee at the time when he or she unwrap the gift.

We want to amaze, to astonish the man, to give him a surprise, to inspire and to bring joy right now, not postponing.

However, as noted by the authors, in this lies the reason that the choice turns out to be unsuccessful.

The fact that the recipient of the gift entirely different expectations than the giver.

Oddly enough, much more successful gifts have a practical use, i.e. objects that can be used in everyday life for a relatively long time.

So this unoriginal and even boring gift, like a sweater or socks, toiletries, though, and will not cause a cry of surprise, but will bring more fun than something different, but useless. In addition to material gifts, the same effect can have some things that may bring pleasure in the future, for example, tickets to the theater, paid massage course, tour, and so forth, the authors write.