Court of Kirov will resume consideration of the case “Kirovec” against Navalny

Court of Kirov will resume consideration of the case “Kirovec” against Navalny KIROV, 12 Dec — RIA Novosti. The Leninsky court of Kirov will resume the retrial of the criminal case of “Kirovles” against opposition leader Alexei Navalny after a week break, told RIA Novosti in court. It is expected that the Prosecutor will announce the indictment, and the accused will Express their attitude to it. Last Monday, Navalny and his defense asked the court to stop the proceedings, or to return it to the Prosecutor, and after the failure of said challenge judge Alex Turino. The judge for the decision on the chal lenge had gone to the deliberation room until the next day, in connection with which Navalny said he would leave the city of Kirov, explaining employment of their lawyers in the Metropolitan courts. Ultimately, the court did not remand the case to the Prosecutor on the

Estimated the nearest to the Earth of an alien civilization

Estimated the nearest to the Earth of an alien civilization Astrophysicist Amri Wandel Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel) calculated the minimum distance from the Earth, where they could exist an alien civilization. A Preprint of the study is in the edition”.ru”. Alien civilization, according to Mandela is from the Earth at a distance of several thousand light years. The planet on which lives a primitive life, at the distance of about ten light years from the Sun. See alsoDetected the brightest “alien” signal In reaching its conclusion the scientist came by modifying the Drake equation that represents the equation from one side of which is the product of seven factors (in particular, the number of stars and planets, and the probability of occurrence of primitive and intelligent life), and with another — the number of extraterrestrial civilizations. According to Wandel, search different lives is limited by the large propagation time

The defense Ministry told about “telegrupp militants” in Syria

The defense Ministry told about “telegrupp militants” in Syria In Aleppo there was no opposition, humanitarian organizations and human rights defenders, a “movie about the alleged Russian bombing”, “shooting” and other staged scenes filming a special TV groups of militants, according to the defense Ministry. This was stated by the official representative of Department major General Igor Konashenkov, RIA Novosti reported. According to him, “no “opposition”, “local councils” or so beloved by London and other capitals of the “humanitarian” non-governmental organizations (NGOs) who profess “Western values”, the city was not the same as “white helmets”, Association “doctors” or “human rights”. Instead, according to Konashenkov, in the Eastern Aleppo was “total terror”. “Why are they happy without a check took some media to question them,” — said Konashenkov and gave advice to “not to believe the propaganda of terrorists.”

Russia expressed readiness for military cooperation with EU

Vladimir Chizhov Moscow is open to intense mutual dialogue with the EU on key foreign policy issues, but also ready for military cooperation. This told Russia’s permanent representative to the EU Vladimir Chizhov in an interview with the newspaper Die Welt published on Wednesday, December 14. “It is quite possible to imagine that the Russian army could take part in the operations of the European Union as well as do a third of the country,” said a senior diplomat. According to him, Moscow and Brussels are already closely cooperating in missions against pirates in Somalia and in operations in Chad and the Balkans. Chizhov noted that the main goal of such interaction is to ensure stable and constructive cooperation in crisis situations. “Such operations must be alternately under European and Russian command, while remaining under the auspices of the UN,” — said the diplomat. He also added that the EU

The state Duma has postponed the speech Medina

Vladimir Medinsky The state Duma refused to hear the report of the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky to the end of the year. On Wednesday, December 14, said the first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on culture Elena Drapeko, reports “Interfax”. Failure is associated with the content of the report: statement prepared by the staff of the Ministry, devoted exclusively to the work of the Department in 2015, and not state culture as a whole, said the Deputy. “We understand officials from the Ministry of culture to do so (to write the actual report — approx. “Of the”) is not very easy, as many areas of cultural life are actually outside the purview of the Ministry,” said Drapeko. Outside the area of responsibility of the Ministry — houses of culture and concert halls, gave the example of the MP. Medina was supposed to report to the lower house

“The gallows for a couple”: how to meet in Kherson supporters of Kiev

The TV channel “Star” continues the project “Ukraine: East – West” dedicated to the lives of ordinary people in the neighboring country. The next city visited by the blogger Alexander Fomin, – Kherson. Here are the naval school, major port, and universities.   The blogger found that the majority of residents of Kherson configured to restore good-neighborly relations with Russia and did not fear some kind of “Russian aggression” from the neighboring Crimea, which they always say Kyiv authorities.   In Kherson maintained in good condition, the memorial Alley dedicated to the heroes of the great Patriotic war. However, on the monument to “Heroes of Stalingrad” missing a few letters, and the Eternal flame at the memorial is not illuminated. However, on the pedestal of Eternal fire showing “the hangman’s tree for maydonutyh” (spelling of the author saved – approx. ed.). This inscription illustrates the attitude of many of the

The Kurdish group has claimed responsibility for the attack in Istanbul

The Kurdish group has claimed responsibility for the attack in Istanbul In a statement the group said that the immediate target of the explosions were not the Turkish people. 6фотографий6фотографий MOSCOW, 11 Dec — RIA Novosti. Radical Kurdish grouping “Hawks of Kurdistan freedom” has claimed responsibility for the double bombing in Istanbul, reports Reuters, citing a statement on the group website. According to the Agency, the statement noted that the immediate target of the explosions were not the Turkish people. According to the latest data, as a result of the double terrorist attack in Istanbul killed 38 people, 30 of them were cops. As stated earlier, Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmus, the Turkish authorities have reason to suspect that the terrorist attack in Istanbul has arranged the forbidden in Turkey Kurdistan workers ‘ party (PKK).

In Greece, discovered an ancient city with 2500 years of age

In Greece, discovered an ancient city with 2500 years of age Archaeologists from a joint Swedish-Greek project Vlochos Archaeological Project have discovered an ancient city in Thessaly, in Central Greece. According to scientists, the age of discovery is about 2500 years old. The results of the excavations reported in a press release from Gothenburg University in detail about it in the blog project. The hill where the researchers found the ancient city, located near the village Vlahos (Vlochós) 300 kilometers North of Athens. That there are the ruins of the ancient settlement, has been known since the mid-nineteenth century; they are reported, Europeans who travelled to the Ottoman Empire. Until recently, however, systematic study of ancient buildings was carried out. Un grupo de arqueólogos descubre en #Grecia una ciudad perdida de 2.500 años #arqueologia [email protected] #Tesalia — Jorge Rodríguez (@jrdelalamo) 13 Dec 2016. The hill, where excavations were