Looked like a torture of militants in Eastern Aleppo: exclusive footage from the scene

The crew of TV channel “Zvezda” visited the quarters of Aleppo, Syria, which left the terrorists. Journalists and the military, examining the city, and found plenty of evidence of the atrocities that the militants were subjected to local residents.


The extremists killed the fruit vendor on his doorstep. So they punished the man because he wanted to leave the village. According to neighbors, this was a good man, who never do evil, and shot him four days ago just because he brought his wife and four children from the city.


Cafes in the area, Jasmati the terrorists turned into a prison where inmates were tortured and hung on chains and hooks. People not only tortured with medieval instruments of torture, but also robbed.


“We have released 15 persons, they were tormented for the fact that someone’s brother – soldier, someone who could not pay tribute, someone did not want to cooperate with “al-Nusra Dzhebhat” (banned in Russia as a terrorist organization – approx. ed.)”, – told soldiers of the Syrian Mohammed Hamoud.


Prior to joining the group, Jasmati was a prosperous district inhabited by traders in textiles and knitwear. Now, instead of trade signs were slogans of extremists.


Earlier, Russia’s permanent representative to the UN Vitaly Churkin said that the Syrian government regained control of Eastern Aleppo. Agreement has been reached on the withdrawal of out of town fighters for humanitarian corridors. According to Churkin, now the city begins the stage of practical humanitarian action.


It was assumed that on the morning of Wednesday, December 14, all surviving terrorists begin to leave the city through the humanitarian corridor, however, until their withdrawal from Aleppo postponed for unknown reasons.