A resident of Omsk has taken out a loan to bribe the cops

In the Omsk region court has fined on 200 thousand roubles of a local resident who tried to bribe the chief of police. To do this, the man received a loan in the Bank, according to the website of the regional Prosecutor’s office.

The court also ruled to confiscate the bribe in favor of the state.

In August, an intoxicated 23-year-old Pavel Kalinnikov gave your car a drunken friend. The car was stopped by traffic police, concerning the driver made the Protocol on an administrative offense.

To friend was not prosecuted, Kalinnikov took credit for the sum more than 100 thousand rubles. Putting money in the penal code, he left them in the office of the chief of police, but the officer reported the attempt to bribe him in a call center.

In September school friend lost his license for a year and a half.