Trump considered himself too smart for the daily briefing with intelligence

Donald Trump

The US President-elect Donald trump refused to daily briefings by intelligence, which conducts the current head of state Barack Obama. He said this in the big Sunday interview with Fox News channel.

Moderator Chris Wallace (Chris Wallace) asked Trump a question, is it true that intends to hold meetings with intelligence only once a week. The President-elect replied that he was ready to do it as needed, and daily meetings need not consider. “If anything changes, let me know, I’ll be ready for you in a minute,” said the future head of state.

“You know, I’m a reasonably intelligent man, and I don’t need to hear the same information in the same terms daily for eight years (presidential term in the US is four years, but the President may be re-elected for a second term — approx. “Of the”), “—said trump.

Earlier, several media outlets, including Reuters, reported that trump meets with the leaders of intelligence less frequently than their predecessors. While Obama talks with representatives of the CIA every weekday and sometimes on weekends.