Tickets are expensive, but relatives are relatives – Kharkov about the relationship of Ukrainians and Russians

The victory of the Maidan and the subsequent civil war in Ukraine has changed a lot in the thoughts and feelings of ordinary people in the country, most of whom are related by kinship and friendship ties with the people of Russia. “Star” decided to find out what ordinary people think of Ukraine about his relationship with the Russians in light of what happened over the last three years.


“I want this to stop. Amicably somehow. Either that, or just didn’t shoot his parents to live normally. Here in Kharkov, it does not felt”, – said the resident of Kharkov by the name of Olesya, whose parents live in the town of Stakhanov located on the territory of the self-proclaimed LNR.


What about communications with Russia and Russians Olesya told me that for most ordinary citizens, little has changed. People continue to visit and communicate with their relatives, although no fighting is not always the case.


“Tickets are certainly more expensive, but nothing has changed. No relationships, nothing. Some that say that Ukraine is brainwashed against it, those fight. What I see, especially the relationship with family, has not changed. Relatives have relatives,” – said Olesya.

Photo: Pavlo Pakhomenko / ZUMAPRESS / Globallookpress