Residents of Birobidzhan farewell to Aleppo military nurses

Residents of Birobidzhan farewell to Aleppo military nurses

Moscow. 10 Dec. INTERFAX.RU — farewell Ceremony with two dead bodies in Syria’s Aleppo military nurses takes place on Saturday at the Annunciation Cathedral in Birobidzhan.

The militants on December 5 had shelled a mobile hospital of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation in Aleppo. Killing two nurses from the military hospital of Birobidzhan — Galina Mikhailova and Hope Durachenko, both had children.

“Now comes the funeral, already completed, to say goodbye to the dead women came only about 1,000 people came, brought flowers, left,” — said the Agency “Interfax” head of the information Department of the Birobidzhan diocese Irina Shaytanov. According to her, after the funeral and the funeral procession from the Cathedral to the Park of Victory, the body will carry to the cemetery.

As reported, the women will be buried at Central city cemetery in Birobidzhan.

On Friday, the farewell to the dead took place in a military unit. On Saturday morning the families of the victims of nursing presented the order of Courage.