The Iraqi army responded to reports of erroneous strike US forces in Mosul

The Iraqi army did not confirm reports incorrect impact of U.S. forces on its positions in Mosul, where fighting is going on terrorists. This is stated in the Declaration of war at the disposal of RIA Novosti.

“There is no indication that the coalition had made any mistake in operation in the province of Nineveh (Mosul and its administrative center — approx. “Of the”), “—said in a communique. Also, the Iraqi military called on journalists to use accurate information.

The report also indicated that the coalition had “greater support operations” and continues to contribute.

Earlier, unofficial information emerged that a total of 90 Iraqi soldiers were killed in Mosul in the result caused by mistake of hitting the United States air force. Allegedly another 100 were injured.

A ground operation to liberate Mosul, which in 2014 captured the terrorist group “Islamic state” (banned in Russia), ongoing from 17 October 2016. In addition to the regular Iraqi army, it involved the Kurdish militia. The international coalition led by the USA supported the attack from the air and provides artillery support.