The lost tourist was shot in the slums of Rio de Janeiro

An Italian tourist was killed in the favelas (Brazilian slums called — approx. “Of the”) in Rio de Janeiro. On Thursday, December 8, reports Reuters with reference to local police.

According to the news Agency, 52-year-old Roberto Bardella with a fellow compatriot were travelling on motorcycles through South America. In the way tourists used the GPS navigation system and following its instructions, by mistake drove into disadvantaged neighborhoods of Rio.

In the slums of travelers was shot at by unknown criminals, forcing them to get off the motorcycle. Bardella received wounds from which he died on the spot, his companion, whose identity police have not yet established, managed to escape.

Morro DOS Prazeres in Rio de Janeiro, Santa Teresa is one of the most notorious criminal situation favelas. The police had for several years a lot of effort to stop there is rampant crime and make it possible to carry in the metropolis of the world Cup 2014 and the 2016 Olympics.

However, during the Olympic games, there have been a series of robberies, which affected tourists and athletes, including Russian. Among them were swimmer Evgeny Korotyshkin, was also robbed the House of fans of Russian national team.

The ongoing economic recession, rising unemployment and reduced spending on security has led to the fact that drug dealers and members of other criminal gangs have re-established control in many areas of Rio where the police restored order. The confrontation between the criminal world and law enforcement is becoming more intense. There, in November, in the favelas crashed police helicopter, killing four security officers. The cause of the accident is still not installed. According to one version, the drone was shot down from the ground.