The Germans believed the migrants main issue

The people of Germany think of migrants and refugees the main problem of the country. This is with reference to the results of a public opinion poll reported by Reuters.

According to a survey conducted by Forschungsgruppe Wahlen on order broadcaster ZDF, this opinion is shared by 58 percent of Germans. 60 percent of respondents dissatisfied with the fact that refugees are allocated money that could be spent to better advantage, 52 percent fear that migration will worsen the crime situation in the country. While less than a third of Germans believed the refugees a threat to German cultural and social values.

The policy of Angela Merkel towards migrants approved exactly half of the respondents negatively assessed it 45 percent. In total the survey was attended by 1234 people, it has been held throughout Germany from 6th to 8th December.

The Agency notes that in German society there is a high level of anxiety in relation to migrants, despite the sharp drop in their numbers. If in 2015 we moved to Germany 890 thousand refugees from the Middle East, for 11 months of 2016 in the computer system, there was only 305 thousand, and the real number considerably lower, as many records are duplicated.