Former citizens of the USSR have extended the right to preferential acquisition of a Russian passport

The state Duma adopted in the first reading the law authorizing the to issue Russian passports to former Soviet citizens in the simplified order for three more years — until 2020. On Friday, December 9, the Agency reports city news “Moscow”.

“One of the most tragic in the dissolution of the Soviet Union is that many families found themselves in essentially different States. And of course, these consequences we can’t fully fix, but unable to help these people”, — said the Chairman of the Duma Committee on state construction and legislation Pavel Krasheninnikov.

The document allows you to obtain the citizenship of the former citizens of the USSR who arrived in Russia before November 1, 2002, do not have citizenship or residence permit in other countries, as well as their children. In addition, the law applies arrived in Russia to July 2012, former citizens of the Soviet Union, whose passport was taken away or found it to be invalid.

On 2 December the President of Russia Vladimir Putin urged to reduce red tape in obtaining Russian citizenship, especially for immigrants from the former Soviet republics.

In 2012, the law “On citizenship of the Russian Federation” was submitted by the head, which gave the right for the issue of passports under the simplified mechanism for these groups. it was Expected that the rule will be in effect until January 1, 2017

The possibility of a simplified procedure to obtain citizenship had about 70 thousand people. All these people could be threatened with deportation from Russia, if the action rules are not extended, explained “the” the author of the document, the Deputy Konstantin Zatulin.