CBS told of the likely Secretary of state under trump

MITT Romney

A former Governor of the state of Massachusetts MITT Romney is likely to take the post of Secretary of state under US President Donald trump. It is reported by CBS, citing its own sources in the environment trump.

According to the correspondent channel, another contender for the post is former head of the CIA David Petraeus — is unlikely to prevail, because he is a General, in the administration of the tramp already being planned appointment of three representatives of the higher military command of national security Advisor Michael Flynn, Minister of defense James Mattis and the head of the Ministry of internal security John Kelly.

In a telephone interview with NBC 7 Dec trump denied that for so long pulls with the purpose of Romney because he wants revenge for criticism during the election campaign. “I talked a lot with him. Together we have come a long way. Initially we had difficulties but we, again, have come a long way,” — said the President-elect.