What is left of the Old Aleppo after the bloody yoke of ISIS: the first shots

Published the first images of the liberated Old Aleppo, where he most recently wielded by the militants. The footage – what was left after the massacre of the militants who held the territory in the occupation of four years. According to RT correspondent Lizzie Phelan, who first visited Aleppo’s Old city, the locals cautiously out on the streets and do not believe that now next to them does not break new shells.


“It is West of Aleppo, which is controlled by government forces. That part of Aleppo until last night, held by the rebels. This morning, local residents heard that control of the Syrian army moved some neighborhoods in old Aleppo, began to gather here. Some of them for four years to relatives living on the other side of the street. Of course, the situation is now very emotional — all the people hope that their family (and possibly the whole city) is finally reunited,” – said the correspondent.


The building, which was formerly a bakery, the militants staged the warehouse for production and storage of weapons. Everywhere are unused mortar shells. The same terrorists fired at Western Aleppo, namely the districts of Sulaymaniyah and Meydan.


Earlier, Syrian militia said that the government army cap broke the defense of militants in the historic districts of Aleppo and took control of the whole old town centre.