The suburbs will spend 170 billion rubles on improving the efficiency of power

The building of the government of Moscow region in Krasnogorsk

Moscow region government plans to allocate 169,1 billion rubles for the state program “Effective power” in the years 2017-2021. The document is available on the website of the Ministry of state administration, information technologies and communications of the Moscow region, prepared the draft.

The program will allow you to achieve “long-term balance and stability of the budget system of Moscow region” and ensure “the reduction of administrative barriers, improving the quality and accessibility of public and municipal services”, reads the explanatory note. For example, the waiting time in the queue to receive public services should be reduced from 13.5 to 11 minutes.

From the regional budget is planned to allocate 166 billion rubles, the remaining funds will come from Federal and municipal budgets. The annual cost for the program will average almost 34 billion rubles.

The money will go to debt service region and for disclosure of “professional capacity” of officials. The national debt of the Moscow region will receive 79 billion rubles. 17 billion will receive the municipal formation with insufficient income.

For the maintenance and development of infrastructure of government agencies will spend 21.2 billion rubles. In particular, the funds will be used for the purchase of cars for officials and their relocation to new offices.

The program also includes suggestions for organization of effective work of the ministries and departments. For these purposes it is planned to spend 14.1 billion rubles. We are talking about new requirements for employees, as well as methods for their evaluation.