Terrorists in Aleppo will be defeated by the New year – expert

Director of the Center for the study of the Middle East and Central Asia semen Bagdasarov commented on the defeat of the Syrian army militants in the historic districts of Aleppo. According to him, a group of rebels may be defeated already in the New year.


“Two weeks, maximum three, fights, and the whole group of rebels will be defeated and destroyed in the boiler. Now the main thing is to avoid weaknesses and not to go on about some of our and foreign musicians who will be encouraged to corridors to the departure of militants with small arms and all other things in the area of Idlib and Turkey. This is unacceptable and, in fact, to put the squeeze on this group,” said Bagdasarov.


Earlier, Syrian militia said that the government army cap broke the defense of militants in the historic districts of Aleppo and took control of the whole old town centre.

Photo: Basem AyoubiImageslive / Globallookpress