The defense Ministry is outraged by the ICRC assessment of the fact of the shelling of the hospital of Russia in Syria

The official representative of the defense Ministry, major-General Igor Konashenkov said that in the military are outraged as the international Committee of the red cross appreciated the fact of bombardment of the Russian hospital in Syria, reports TASS.


“It is not only “a violation of international law” or the gravest crime. It’s always the “moment of truth”. In relation to such crimes know who you are dealing with. So it’s not about violation of the “parties of conflict” international humanitarian law, as stated in the ICRC. And premeditated, cold-blooded murder of doctors by fighters”, – said Konashenkov.


He also noted that the death of any medics who assist injured civilians, including children, in any conflict must be assessed only one point of view. And recalled that the ICRC is well aware, what are you doing medics in Syria.


According to Konashenkov, a great luck that at this point the hospital had dozens of Syrian children with mothers from the liberated from the militants of the Eastern districts of Aleppo. There were none due to the delay in the supply of buses.