The CEC did not rule out the abolition of the election results in Mytishchi after checking


RIA Novosti

MOSCOW, December 6 — RIA Novosti. The Central election Commission of the Russian Federation will check all of the information about violations in the recent elections in the Moscow suburb of Mytishchi and the direct appeal to the law enforcement authorities have not ruled out the cancellation of the election results, said the CEC head Ella Pamfilova at the meeting of the CEC.

According to her, appeared on the Internet and actively spreading the video, which focuses on violations, including when counting votes, the elections in Mytishchi. She added that this is also the story of the day before wrote “Novaya Gazeta”.

“Whatever the outcome of this test, and we are interested if you do it this way: the protocols, including that published, not a fake really. We interview, meet with all 60 members of the Commission who charged that they had forged the protocols. I hope that after the inspection, we will do it fundamentally, openly, and whatever the outcome or will have to cancel the elections, or it’s not confirmed,” — said Pamfilova.

She added that a working group on this situation.

Also, the CEC has prepared an appeal, it Tuesday will be sent to law enforcement agencies, “to concurrently start to be.” “I hope that this will be the final point in our work”, — said the CEC head.