The Red Cross has accused the all “parties to the conflict” in the shelling of the military hospital in Aleppo

The International Committee of the red cross (ICRC) said that in the attack on a military hospital in Aleppo, Syria, which killed two military medic’s fault of all parties to the conflict, reports RIA Novosti. However, the organization did not indicate what the parties have in mind and did not name specific culprits, limiting fuzzy wording.


“Attacks on hospitals in Aleppo suggests that the parties to the conflict is unable to fulfil its responsibility to protect health care workers,” said the ICRC.


Today, 05 December, militants fired at a Russian hospital in Aleppo. Killed two Russian soldiers-medics, two people injured. The hospital was shelled while taking to local residents.


After that, the defense Ministry demanded that the international community, as well as “the International movement of red cross and red Crescent”, “Doctors without borders” and other international organizations strongly condemned the deliberate murder of the Russian military medics. The Ministry said that the crime fighters so-called “opposition” will be investigated.