Syrian army cleans the blocks leading to the center of Aleppo

Syrian troops together with militias clean up the Eastern Aleppo districts of armed gangs. It is reported TASS referring to Agency SANA.


Sunday, December 4, the troops occupied two new district leading to the downtown – Karam-El-Meysar and Karam et Tahhan. In addition, fighters cleared the roundabout Kadi-Askar and Duwwar El Garrot. There the engineers have already started mine.


Now the troops the task is to divide the historical part of Aleppo in half and thus to block terrorists in the old quarters of the city.


According to the TV station “al-Mayadin” among armed groups began differences. On Sunday, the Syrian army surrendered a few hundred members of armed groups.


According to military experts, the battle for Aleppo a turning point. Of the 45 square miles of the city, captured in 2012, under the control of a fighter less than half of 18 square kilometers.


Russian defense Ministry announced that the Syrian army is already released 30 districts of the metropolis, that is, 52% of the total area.


The Ministry of defense of Russia reported on 4 December that the Syrian government army managed to free from terrorists for 30 blocks East of Aleppo. This is 52% of the total area of the city.