Briton arrested for they invented the word Twitter

Briton arrested for they invented the word Twitter

Police arrested 25-year-old resident of London’s Bethnal green for a message on Twitter threatening the life of British parliamentarian. About it reports BBC News.

The man turned the name of recently murdered women of the labour party Joe Cox in the verb and asked: “somebody “sagacite” Subri, please.” He was referring to the MP from the conservatives Anna Subri.

Subri told that this is the second threat to her life, received in a week. “That’s what happened with our policy. Tolerance and freedom of speech must prevail,” she said in a tweet.

Jo Cox Arrest after Twitter threat to MP Anna Soubry

— Sky News (@SkyNews) December 3, 2016

41-year-old Joe Cox was murdered in June of 2016, shortly before the Brexit referendum. Her killer, Thomas Meir sentenced to life imprisonment. At the first meeting of the court 52-year-old man in response to the request submitted stated: “My name is death to the traitors, freedom for Britain”.

Meir, as a member of the far-right party that advocated the country’s withdrawal from the European Union, and coke, on the contrary, advocated the continued membership of the United Kingdom in the EU. After the attack on Cox, the authorities stopped any campaigning before the referendum.