A canadian company has developed samosatenus bed

A canadian company has developed samosatenus bed

The canadian company Smart Duvet has developed an eponymous device that will save time and will save its owners from possibly one of the most hated tasks zasilania bed.

SmartDuvet the device consists of a special pump in the form of small boxes and inflatable design sheet mesh, which is placed between the duvet and duvet cover at the right time is filled with air, to spread her blanket, writes Daily Mail.

According to the creators, the rubber sheet is made of breathable lightweight material and, if necessary, easily replaced. While the device itself can be activated using a mobile app that will allow users to program different cleaning bed depending on the day of the week.

Inflatable structure for any type of bed — single, double and king size. To buy the basic set SmartDuvet you can pre-order. Set for single beds will cost $269 for double and Queen size — $279 and $294, respectively.

Throughout history we have seen revolutionary inventions that have changed our daily routine. Dishwasher, washing machine and dryer, microwave — all of these devices have taken their place in our daily lives and today we cannot imagine life without them. We believe that with your help, the same thing can happen with the bed.developers beds

The developers organized on the website Kickstarter, collecting funds to start mass production. If the project reaches its goal by 27 December, the developers plan to begin delivery of the devices in may 2017.