What’s new in the foreign policy concept of Russia

© Mikhail Metzel/TASS

November 30, Russian President Vladimir Putin approved the foreign policy concept of Russia. And though largely the text of the document quoted and repeats the previous his tone changed dramatically. It has become more specific, it became less streamlined structures, concepts directly spoken differences that over the last three years came to Moscow with the Western powers. Fixed interest in more intensive cooperation with Asian countries. The concept has changed position on Ukraine and was first mentioned Syria.

New task: hardening and strengthening

Was named two new challenges Russian foreign policy direction. First, it is “consolidation of positions of Russia as one of influential centers of the modern world”. Second, the “strengthening of positions of Russian media and mass communications in the global information space and bringing to wide circles of the international community the Russian point of view”.

Power factor. Increase

Previously discussed, that “Russia has consistently advocated reducing the role of the factor of force in international relations.” Now the concept stated with regret that “the role of power factor in international relations” and “increase the risks of regional conflicts and the escalation of the crisis.” Russia “is ready to new challenges”.

Against “regime change”