Ukrainian MP disrupted the live talk show, calling the Maidan coup

Ukrainian MP from the Opposition bloc Oleksandr Vilkul disrupted the live political program “Black mirror”. Speaking about the Maidan, he called the events a revolution and a coup. Details of the reports “Press Ukraine“.


The discussion revolved around the personality of former President Viktor Yanukovych and events of winter 2013-2014.


“Let’s be honest: in our country after the revolution was the manipulation. Promised Europe, European values, Lacy panties and anything else interesting, and in fact we’re going nowhere and life becomes worse and worse,” said Vilkul.


This statement caused indignation from the audience. Opponents of the Deputy began to object to him in a raised voice, but most of them got up and left the Studio in protest.


“Alexander, I am ungrateful to You for what You really tore the air,” – concluded the leader.

Video: EnegoMovie/YouTube