Hawking proclaimed offensive “the most dangerous time on the planet”

Hawking proclaimed offensive “the most dangerous time on the planet” British theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking believes that now is “the most dangerous time for our planet.” Column of academic with the appropriate title was published by the Guardian. In the publication of the physicist drew attention to the growing gap between the elites, particularly politicians, and middle and working class. See alsoStephen Hawking has proposed a new description of black holes In his opinion, robotization of production, lack of need for large human resources to increase profits lead to misunderstanding between various groups in society. “The Internet and platforms that do this (accelerating economic inequality — approx. “Of the tape.ru”) possible, allow a very small group of people reap huge profits while hiring a very small number of people. It is inevitable, this is progress, but it is also socially destructive,” writes the scientist. The result of the fact that

The government channel broadcasts the US aired Putin’s speech

The government channel broadcasts the US aired Putin’s speech WASHINGTON, 2 Dec — RIA Novosti. Specializing in broadcast speeches of key politicians in the United States and other English-speaking countries to the American channel C-SPAN aired a half-hour segment of the message of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin to the Russian Parliament. C-SPAN traditionally transmits live broadcasts of the US Congress, the President and senior U.S. officials, and the governments of UK, Australia and Canada. Putin delivered his annual address to the Federal Assembly in the Kremlin on 1 December. Recording of Putin started before starting the stream from the meeting elected President of Donald trump in Ohio. Usually in this case the screen displays only the caption “the Program will start soon”. Channels C-SPAN and C-SPAN 2 are basic, and C-SPAN 3 additional packages of all the cable networks USA. Programs can be taken also in the satellite

Medvedev has demanded to extinguish debts under the salary

Dmitry Medvedev Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev instructed the departments to assess the situation with payment of wages and to take measures on repayment of debts. This was reported on the government website on Saturday, December 3. Instructions were given to the Ministry of industry and trade, Ministry of energy, Ministry of agriculture, Ministry of construction, Ministry of transportation, Ministry of communications, Ministry of defense, Ministry of education, Ministry of health and the Ministry of culture. They should assess the situation with payment of wages in organizations of the respective types of economic activity. As noted in the message, in cases where debt is necessary to “make arrangements for repayment, including the application of measures of responsibility for heads of the organizations concerned”. The results of work done by the agencies required to report until January 25, 2017. Separately Medvedev instructed the government of Zabaykalsky region to pay off

China protested the trump conversation with the head of Taiwan

Donald Trump The foreign Ministry of China made hard performance, USA after us President-elect, Donald trump talked on the phone with the head of administration of Taiwan Cai Inven. On Saturday, December 3, reports BBC News. As the newspaper notes, despite the fact that diplomatic relations between Taiwan and the United States were severed in 1979, in a conversation trump and Invent was referred to the close economic and political ties and cooperation in the security sphere. Beijing urged Washington to “cautiously and properly handle the Taiwan issue to avoid useless problems in Sino-American relations.” A source in the administration of the current President of the United States Barack Obama announced that the White house found out about the conversation after it took place. The press Secretary of the national security of the United States, Ned Price said that the policy of the current leadership of the United States regarding

Named the new version the cause of the crash of “Progress”

The wreck of the space truck “Progress MC-04” could happen due to technical problems on Board the ship. About it to Agency “Interfax” said a source at the Baikonur cosmodrome. Previously the main version of the accident was considered to be a problem on the launch vehicle.   According to the source, due to the emergency situation on Board the ship could occur premature separation from the third stage. Because of this, the space ship went into orbit.   The spokesman added that after the separation of the third stage of the ship opened up part of the external elements such as antennas. While solar panels remain closed.   “There is evidence that the vehicle has been in an uncontrollable spin and was able to,” added the source.   At the same time until the loss of telemetry on 383 seconds all systems of the rocket worked in normal mode.

The Russian Embassy in Nigeria confirmed the pirates capture Russian sailors

The Russian Embassy in Nigeria confirmed the pirates capture Russian sailors Moscow. 1 Dec. INTERFAX.RU — the Russian Embassy in Nigeria confirmed the capture of Nigerian pirates three Russian seamen from a vessel “Saronic Gulf breeze”, reported “Interfax” the press attache of the Russian Embassy in Nigeria Artem Romanov. According to the diplomat, about the seizure of sailors became known yesterday evening. “For the purposes of safety of life of seafarers to give more specific information at this stage is not possible”, — he said. As reported, the Greek ship “the Saronic Gulf breeze” under the Panamanian flag with 18 Russians and two citizens of Ukraine were seized by pirates on November 29 off the coast of Benin.

Created the world’s first map of the archaeological heritage of Russia

Created the world’s first map of the archaeological heritage of Russia Scientists of the Institute of archaeology (IA) RAS has developed and launched a geographic information system “Archaeological monuments of Russia” — the country’s first electronic map, containing data on more than 15 thousand objects. The results of the research presented in the journal “Russian archaeology”, stated in the press release received by the editors”.ru”. See alsoUnderground storage of automobiles of the 1930-ies discovered in France Attempts to create national registers of archaeological sites were undertaken in European countries since the beginning of the XIX century, today they exist in Austria, Hungary, Poland, France, while, for example, in Germany and in the UK there is no centralised databases, and information is dispersed to the regional registries. Since 2014 the group under the supervision of the Director of IO RAS Nikolai Makarov began to create the basis for national electronic archaeological

Trump confirmed his intention to appoint Mattis, the head of the Pentagon

Trump confirmed his intention to appoint Mattis, the head of the Pentagon The US President-elect Donald trump confirmed that next week will announce the upcoming appointment of a retired General of the marine Corps James Mattis to head the Pentagon. The corresponding statement he made at a rally in Cincinnati on Thursday, December 1, reports the Associated Press. Earlier that trump picked Mattis for the position, reported the Washington Post, citing testimonies of people who became aware of this decision. See alsotrump has decided on the candidacy to the post of Minister of defense Immediately after the publication of the representative of the transitional authority trump Jason Miller stated on Twitter that any decision regarding the candidacy for the post of Minister of defence is not accepted. To Mattis was appointed by the U.S. Congress must pass a new law to repeal existing rules, which the Pentagon should not be

What’s new in the foreign policy concept of Russia

© Mikhail Metzel/TASS November 30, Russian President Vladimir Putin approved the foreign policy concept of Russia. And though largely the text of the document quoted and repeats the previous his tone changed dramatically. It has become more specific, it became less streamlined structures, concepts directly spoken differences that over the last three years came to Moscow with the Western powers. Fixed interest in more intensive cooperation with Asian countries. The concept has changed position on Ukraine and was first mentioned Syria. New task: hardening and strengthening Was named two new challenges Russian foreign policy direction. First, it is “consolidation of positions of Russia as one of influential centers of the modern world”. Second, the “strengthening of positions of Russian media and mass communications in the global information space and bringing to wide circles of the international community the Russian point of view”. Power factor. Increase Previously discussed, that “Russia has