Putin: the natural increase of the population of the Russian Federation above, than in Europe

Photo: RIA Novosti Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking to Parliament, said that the natural increase of the population of Russia continues. It is higher than in most European countries, stressed the head of state. “I can not say a few words about what is really going on, what we have, what we have achieved. Natural population growth continues. In 2013, demographers have such a thing as “birth rate”, he is in Russia amounted to 1.7, which is higher than in most European countries, I, for example, say, Portugal to 1.2 in Spain, Greece — 1,3, Austria, Germany, Italy and 1.4 in the Czech Republic is 1.5, that the data for 2013. In 2015 the total fertility rate in Russia will be even more bare, but still more — of 1.78″, — said Putin. Speaking of the people of the Russian Federation, the President also noted that today citizens have United

In the Crimea has responded to the arrest of Ukraine’s “Scythian gold”

Crimean authorities have imposed Ukraine commented on the arrest on the collection of the “Scythian gold”, which belongs to the Crimean museums. According to the Vice Prime Minister of the Russian Peninsula Georgy Muradov, the Ukrainian gesture would not have legal consequences, according to RIA Novosti.   “The court’s decision, which seized the Crimean Museum exhibits, means nothing. They can take as many provocative solutions for the legal side it is not very important,” said Muradov.   Earlier it became known that Ukraine is trying to get Interpol to take “the Scythian gold”, owned by the museums of the Crimea and currently located in Amsterdam. With this purpose in Kiev has sent to the international organization the decision of Pechersk district court about the arrest of the exhibition. Photo: Werner Forman Archive / Globallookpress

The source admitted the loss of “Progress”

The source admitted the loss of “Progress” Russian spacecraft “Progress MS-04” can be lost, told TASS source in the space industry. In his view, “likely to be the most negative scenario”. The interviewee noted that this can occur due to the release of the ship into an unplanned orbit. Russian spacecraft “Progress MS-04” can be lost, told TASS source in the space industry. “Likely to be the most negative scenario,” — said the expert. He noted that this can occur due to the release of the ship into an unplanned orbit. Telemetry data stopped coming in 383 seconds after start of the carrier rocket “Soyuz-U” with transport cargo vehicle “Progress MC-04”. The problem occurred at the stage of operation of the engine of the third stage RD-0110. At the moment experts find out the situation. Start “Soyuz-U” has occurred from the Baikonur cosmodrome at 17:52 Moscow time. Start of the

Geologists have estimated the total mass of everything that is man-made

Geologists have estimated the total mass of everything that is man-made Houses, bridges, mining shovels, cars, a barn for your country and stuff that is stored there — the man has created so many good things. Have you ever thought about how much all this weighs? A multinational team of geologists first estimated the total mass of all the physical objects of the technosphere of the Earth. See alsoChina began the fight against the desert One of the study’s authors, Professor of Geology and civil engineering from Duke University Peter Huff defines the technosphere as a set of complex social structures, together with physical infrastructure and technological artifacts, including energy, information and material flows. To the technosphere include, for example, power plants, roads, buildings, planes, and even ballpoint pens. At the same time, according to Huff, the technosphere is a system with its own dynamics, and people control it to

The White house supported the idea of staging the women in military records

The White house supported the idea of staging the women in military records WASHINGTON, 2 Dec. /Offset. TASS Anatoly Bochinin/. The US administration on Thursday, in fact, supported the proposal by the Pentagon to put women in the military register. The announcement was made by an official representative of national security Council at the White house, Ned Price. “The obstacles to military service is eliminated, in this connection, the administration as a next step considers logical the statement of the women in military service”, — reads the statement of the price. However, he notes that the White house does not intend to return the call, abolished in 1973. Citizens, including women, who are on military accounting, will be mobilized only if the country’s participation in a full-scale war. Earlier, the Minister of defense Ashton Carter announced that the us girls have the right to serve in the armed forces in

The Ministry of transport: the rocket fire in Ukraine has not affected the civil aviation of the Russian Federation

Maxim Sokolov © Dmitry Serebryakov/TASS MOSCOW, December 3, /TASS/. Of accidents over the Black sea in the days of missile exercise of the Armed forces of Ukraine (APU) was not there, the civil aviation of the Russian Federation exercises are not affected. This was reported to journalists by the RF Minister of transport Maxim Sokolov.

Putin urged to reduce red tape in obtaining Russian citizenship

President Vladimir Putin has urged to simplify the procedure of obtaining Russian citizenship, especially for immigrants from the former Soviet republics. He stated this on Friday, 2 December, reports “Interfax”. “I have repeatedly drawn the government’s attention to the fact that the issues of Russian citizenship, especially certain categories of citizens of the former republics of the Soviet Union, that these issues should be minimum of bureaucracy,” — said the Russian leader. The President also instructed to study the question of relief for figures of culture and art. “For creative people definitely have something to offer. Let’s try to get out of this situation”, — he said. In this regard, measures to eliminate bureaucratic barriers should not degrade the level of security, Putin said. November 29, American economist and former assistant for economic policy US Treasury Secretary in the administration of President Ronald Reagan asked Russian citizenship. Last week, the

The first engineers from Russia arrived in Syria

© Anton novoderezhkin/TASS, archive MOSCOW, December 3. /TASS/. The vanguard of the Russian military engineers arrived at the base Hamim and will soon start demining the liberated areas of Eastern Aleppo. This was reported to journalists the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation. “To the airfield Hamim in the Syrian Arab Republic arrived the vanguard of the International anti-mine centre of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation. Soon military engineers will begin the task of humanitarian demining of the liberated Syrian army fighters from Eastern districts of the city of Aleppo”, – stated in the message Department. The defense Ministry said that Syria profits the most prepared professionals with experience in such operations, including in Palmyra. The squad entered the canine unit. “As the advanced detachment of the delivered by special engineering machinery and equipment”, – the Ministry added. About the dispatch to Syria of the first group

Ukrainian MP disrupted the live talk show, calling the Maidan coup

Ukrainian MP from the Opposition bloc Oleksandr Vilkul disrupted the live political program “Black mirror”. Speaking about the Maidan, he called the events a revolution and a coup. Details of the reports “Press Ukraine“.   The discussion revolved around the personality of former President Viktor Yanukovych and events of winter 2013-2014.   “Let’s be honest: in our country after the revolution was the manipulation. Promised Europe, European values, Lacy panties and anything else interesting, and in fact we’re going nowhere and life becomes worse and worse,” said Vilkul.   This statement caused indignation from the audience. Opponents of the Deputy began to object to him in a raised voice, but most of them got up and left the Studio in protest.   “Alexander, I am ungrateful to You for what You really tore the air,” – concluded the leader. Video: EnegoMovie/YouTube

The court arrested the Executive Director, “Roscosmos” Evdokimova

The court arrested the Executive Director, “Roscosmos” Evdokimova MOSCOW, 1 Dec — RIA Novosti. Basmanny court of Moscow on Thursday arrested two months the Executive Director of the Russian space Agency for the control of quality and reliability, Vladimir Yevdokimov, accused of fraud at 200 million rubles, the correspondent of RIA Novosti news from the courtroom. Under article about swindle in especially large size top Manager faces up to 10 years imprisonment. According to investigators, he committed fraud in the amount of not less than 200 million rubles with the property of RSK MiG, while himself guilty Evdokimov thinks. The investigator said that dancing makes sense to put in jail, because he may be hiding abroad, as the other defendants in the case, especially abroad he has the property. See also“In especially large size”: high-profile corruption scandals in figures The accused said that he voluntarily testified and cooperated with the