Named the new version the cause of the crash of “Progress”

The wreck of the space truck “Progress MC-04” could happen due to technical problems on Board the ship. About it to Agency “Interfax” said a source at the Baikonur cosmodrome. Previously the main version of the accident was considered to be a problem on the launch vehicle.


According to the source, due to the emergency situation on Board the ship could occur premature separation from the third stage. Because of this, the space ship went into orbit.


The spokesman added that after the separation of the third stage of the ship opened up part of the external elements such as antennas. While solar panels remain closed.


“There is evidence that the vehicle has been in an uncontrollable spin and was able to,” added the source.


At the same time until the loss of telemetry on 383 seconds all systems of the rocket worked in normal mode. This is another evidence in favor of the version about the accident on the ship.


Space truck “Progress” was wrecked on 1 December. On Saturday, December 3, in the Republic of Tuva was discovered two of his fragment. One crashed in a remote area near the Sayano-Shushensky reservoir, the other is 120 km from Kyzyl. On the published MOE photo shows part of the space truck, which lies on the slope of the mountain. The blow, she deformed.


With the discovery of the already working representatives of Roscosmos and EMERCOM. First of all be made of samples of air, water and soil. As a rule, the fragments do not threaten the environment. However, the rescuers asked the local residents in the event of their discovery immediately to report it.

Photo: Roscosmos