Experts rate the chances of Ufa to sink into the ground

Experts rate the chances of Ufa to sink into the ground

Experts assured residents of Ufa, where recently, under the ground left a parked car that the city as a whole does not fail in a karstic void, RIA Novosti reported.

The architectural Director of the enterprise Vladimir Kamalov believes that the reason for panic, although the collapses of karst will continue. In his opinion, one of the reasons of such processes may be infill development carried on without monitoring the layers of the soil.

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“Today, there are massive development with communications, and this leads to the fact that man-induced process is increased, i.e. the load on the city increases and increases. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully design, build and operate”, he warned. On the other hand, noted Kamalov, subsidence is a natural process that is impossible to predict.

In turn, the Department of architecture of the mayoralty of Ufa, said that developers in the design and construction of buildings in the city use digital map that was created in 2012. It noted that the map is only sketchy and needs improvement.

The capital of Bashkortostan Ufa is sakartosanai site. Karst is a set of processes, expressed in the dissolution in water of rocks and the formation of these voids.

Every year the city is several cases of collapse of the soil. At the end of October in the Internet appeared the video, where a parked car Lada Kalina goes completely formed underneath a deep pit with rainwater. Arrived on the scene the staff of the emergency services pumped out water from six pits, but the car was not found.

Its like that is intended, carried away by groundwater. Emergency work on a scene over the fact that the pit was filled with sand.