The Ukrainian military has decided to launch several more rockets near the Crimea

The Ukrainian military has planned on the second day of exercises near the Crimea several missile launches. Also decided to work on aircraft at air targets, reported the press service head of air command “South” Vladimir Kryzhanovsky, the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.


According to him, the maneuvers will continue as soon as weather conditions permit. The first day of the exercise Kryzhanovsky appreciated perfectly. “First day of the practical phase of the control and flight testing of anti-aircraft guided missiles, medium-range went according to plan,” he explained.


Recall that missile firing as part of the exercises began in the South of Ukraine the day before. They are designed for two days. APU experiencing anti-aircraft controlled medium-range missiles s-300.


The Ukrainian military said that area of the game is not further than 30 kilometers from the Crimea. As reported in the Federal air transport Agency, Ukraine informed Russia that the missile firing zone in the Black sea shift in international waters – far away from the territorial waters of the Russian Federation.

Video: Turchynov /

Photo: Ministry Of Defense Of Ukraine