The debt on a salary to the crew of the “Nikolay Kasatkin” exceeded $90 thousand – SK

TFR checks on the fact of wage arrears to the crew of a Russian merchant vessel “Nikolay Kasatkin”, which was detained by port of Amsterdam on. About this site of TV channel “Star” told the senior assistant administrator on interaction from mass media of the far East SU on transport SKR Oksana Bolshakova.


She stressed that, according to preliminary data, the debt to the crew of the salary is about 90 thousand dollars. The representative of the RCDS added that the ship assigned to the port city of Nevelsk, Sakhalin region, and the shipowner is the southern-Sakhalin, OOO “Parus”.


Thursday, December 1, it was reported that on the port of Amsterdam has forbidden an exit in the sea the Russian ship “Nikolay Kasatkin” due to the mismatch of working conditions, skills and security. The crew went on strike because of wage arrears.