Putin will deliver a message to the Federal Assembly

Putin will deliver a message to the Federal Assembly

MOSCOW, 1 Dec — RIA Novosti. Russian President Vladimir Putin will address the Federal Assembly in the St. George hall of the Kremlin.

As previously reported by the press-Secretary of Russian leader Dmitry Peskov, the emphasis will be placed on the social obligations of the state. According to the parliamentarians and experts, one of the Central themes, along with internal issues can become international agenda. Experts also expect that the focus will be on economic topics.

In accordance with the Constitution, the President annually addresses the Federal Assembly on the situation in the country and main directions of domestic and foreign policy. This software is a political and legal document that expresses the vision of strategic directions of development of Russia in the near future. It includes political, economic, ideological position and specific proposals for legislative work of both chambers of Parliament.

By tradition, the presidential address present senators, state Duma deputies, government members, heads of the constitutional and Supreme courts, governors, chairmen of legislative assemblies of subjects of Federation, heads of traditional faiths, public figures, including heads of civic chambers of regions, heads of major media.

Press Secretary of the President has previously stressed that each message is different from the previous one, will be no exception this year.

“The other will be the message this year. However, they all share a rod with Putin’s emphasis on social sphere, on the social obligations of the state. And as far as some of the nuances and main points, you need to wait for 1 December,” said Sands.

International issues

The first Deputy head of the international Committee of the Federation Council Vladimir dzhabarov believes that the President will declare the continuation of the policy of strengthening Russia’s position in the world, the further steps on settlement of the situation in the middle East, particularly in Syria. It is not excluded, according to him, the message may be affected and the theme of relations with Kiev and the situation in the South-East of Ukraine.

“I think that will be our position toward the United States and the European Union. Maybe we can hear comments and suggestions constructive cooperation with Western partners”, — he told RIA Novosti.

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Political scientist, expert of the Institute of humanitarian and political studies Vladimir Slatinov, in turn, noted that “we see the arrival in the developed Western countries of conservatives, clear the right Bank, we see the arrival of the people who profess the so-called concept of political realism”. And this is Slatinov considers, opens a window of opportunity for Russia to “at least reduce the degree of confrontation, and, perhaps, to reformat the relationship.”

“I think there will be a message to has actually new and future Western leaders are more conservative wing that Russia is ready for a historic compromise with the West, reformatting relations, the resumption of real partnerships, for example, in Syria and other international issues, and that Russia is ready for cooperation Advisory with appropriate willingness to change its policy on their part”, — the expert believes.

The head of the Federation Council Committee on defense and security Viktor Ozerov expects that the President will assess the current military-political situation in the world. “I think the President will touch on this subject, and will also tell about the role and place of Russia in the current geopolitical environment,” said Senator RIA Novosti.

Agree with him Deputy Chairman of the faction “Fair Russia” in the Duma Mikhail Emelyanov (WED). In an interview with RIA Novosti, he suggested that the President in his speech will announce that Russia will continue its policy of strengthening the sovereignty of the country.

The expectations of parliamentarians on the international agenda of the message is closely related to issues of defense and security of the country, which I assume they will also be mentioned by the President. “We are waiting for the appraisal from the President of the state of the Armed forces and their ability to perform their tasks, including, subject to the preparation of new armaments programme. I think the message will sound purposes which we must seek enterprises of the defense complex”, — said the Senator Ozerov.

The internal agenda and the elections

Analysts expect the speech on domestic issues will be partly pre-election message. Against this background, according to Zlatanova, it can be expected that Putin will be given a “more or less clear signal of how the President sees anti-crisis perspective”.

The population for a very long time frightened and frightening now talk about the decades of stagnation, that the future is hopeless and so on. The President has repeatedly invoked in these messages a kind of therapy. I think at this time he also will do it. On it is now working and (Alexei) Kudrin, and I think it will be the election program, but make a reservation — if Putin will go for the next term. It is at least in draft form should sound.Mr Setinitialcolor

The President of Fund “Petersburg politics” Mikhail Vinogradov said that the message will be treated as such, i.e. pre-election, “no matter what are the intentions of Putin in the presidential elections.” “To consider (so) will, in any case, no matter what the emphasis will be put”, — the expert believes.

The first Deputy Chairman of the faction “United Russia” Andrey Isaev does not exclude that the President may address the subject of the elections to the state Duma. “Elections of deputies to the state Duma, they showed the real balance of political forces, I think, some words devoted to the results of the election, the President will be told,” he said.

According to the General Director of the Center for political information Alexei Mukhin, the head of state will urge MPs to boost work in the social and economic direction.

Economic issues

The main predictions of senators and deputies on the choice of the topics of the upcoming message built around economic issues as the most pressing in the current period of overcoming crisis.

“I would like to hear part of economic policy some proposals for its amendment. It should apply to monetary policy, fiscal policy. Still, the country is very slowly recovering from the crisis, real incomes are falling, and to respond to that changing economic policy”, — said the Deputy Yemelyanov.

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The Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on economic policy Sergey Shatirov noted that key aspects of the message parliamentarians will be guided in their legislative work in the coming year. “I think that, as in every message of the President, special attention will be paid to the economic challenges before the Federal Assembly and the government, and to society. The Committee of the Federation Council on economic policy very carefully to record the direction of the message, which will require legislative support, as well as those economic benchmarks that will be performed,” said Senator RIA Novosti.

According to the head of the chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation Sergey Katyrin, the attention message can be given to the topics of business climate, tax policy, long-term loans for Industrialists, as well as control and supervision activities. He also believes that the President will raise the issue of Russian small and medium businesses to foreign markets.

The head of the Russian Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs (RSPP) Alexander Shokhin expects to hear the message of the future configuration of the tax system.

“We’re always one of the main reasons that prevent the business to actively carry out investment and other activities, called the uncertainty of a number of elements of economic policy. Part of this uncertainty is the fate of the tax system after the termination of the moratorium. Since next year will be the budget for 2018, now is the time” — he said RIA Novosti.

Another topic, according to the head of the organization of small and medium entrepreneurship “OPORA Russia” Alexander Kalinin may be the subject of pressure on entrepreneurs in criminal matters.

“Perhaps there will be interim results and set new targets for the reduction of pressure on entrepreneurs in criminal law and criminal procedural sphere. A number of successes this year has been, but I cannot stop here,” — said Kalinin.