Became known the cause of the crash with the football team in Colombia

Became known the cause of the crash with the football team in Colombia

MEXICO city, 1 Dec — RIA Novosti. The reason for the recent crash of the Bolivian plane in Colombia that killed 71 people, was the lack of fuel in the liner, said Wednesday on a press-conferences the chief of service of aviation safety of civil aviation of Colombia Freddie Bonilla.


The plane crashed on Tuesday in 50 kilometres from Medellin. On Board the aircraft were 77 people — 9 crew members and 68 passengers, including players and staff of the Brazilian football club “Epicoene” flying at the first meeting of the South American Cup final against “Atletico Nacional”. At the moment, survivors of a plane crash are six people, three of whom are players “Epicoene”: Alan Russel, Jackson Folman and Sampler Helio Neto. Total killed 71 people.

“Having arrived at the scene and examined the wreckage, we saw that the ship had no fuel. International rules specify that the aircraft must have, in addition to the required predetermined distance for fuel, the minimum margin to fly an additional 30 minutes, called the reserve”, — quotes the Mexican Web portal Lider statement Bonilla.

According to Colombian officials, the crashed ship had no such reserve. Bonilla expressed the hope that further investigation will establish why the fuel was not made.

Currently identified 59 bodies of the victims in the crash. According to the Director of the Institute of legal medicine of Colombia Carlos Valdes, 52 of the victims were Brazilians, five Bolivians, are also among the victims identified one citizen of Paraguay and Venezuela.