The UN discussed the fate of hundreds of refugees on the streets of Rome

The office of the UN high Commissioner for refugees (UNHCR) drew the attention of the authorities in Rome to hundreds of legal and illegal migrants sleeping rough on the streets of the Italian capital. About it reports The Local.

“We have faced this problem a few months ago. But the situation has only worsened”, — said the press-Secretary of UNHCR in Italy, Carlotta Sami.

After city authorities closed the largest illegal camp near the railway terminal of Tiburtina, many of its inhabitants are left to live under the open sky.

The mayor of Rome VA Raja, who took his post in the summer of 2016, announced one of the priorities of the municipal authorities reduction in the flow of migrants to the Italian capital.

“If we give them [the migrants] 100 tents, and then two days later it will need as much again” — she complained.

However, UNHCR insists that the authorities cannot remain indifferent to the fate of refugees living under the open sky, especially those who have received permission to stay in the country. According to UN officials, their Italian counterparts are required to develop and implement measures for the integration of migrants.

On 29 November it was reported that since the beginning of the year, Italy entered a record number of refugees — more than 171 thousand. In temporary shelters and refugee camps throughout the country now contains 176 thousand people waiting for the provision of official status.