The death toll in a plane crash in Colombia increased to 76

The death toll in a plane crash in Colombia increased to 76

The result of the crash, the airline LaMia in Colombia killed 76 people. This is with reference to the police told Reuters.


According to Associated Press, police have confirmed five survivors of a plane crash, the others aboard were killed.

Earlier, the head of the police Department of Antioquia, where the plane crashed, said the plane crash killed 75 and survived six people.

Imágenes del accidente que sufrió en el avión donde se trasladaba @ChapecoenseReal #FuerzaChapecoense

— Múnera Eastman Radio (@RadioMunera790) 29 Nov 2016

However, the head of the civil aviation authority of Colombia Alfredo Bocanegra said that now “fighting for the lives of three people”: the hostess Ximena Suarez and two players “Sapience”: 23-year-old Alan Luciano RUSAL and the 21-year-old Jackson Ranyard Folman. All of them are now in hospital.

Alan Ruschel (R) & Danilo (L), first and second confirmed plane crash survivors, goalkeeper and defender of Chapecoense.

— Felipe Mekhitarian (@BrasileiraoBlog) 29 Nov 2016

The plane of the Bolivian Santa Cruz de La Sierra, in Medellin, Columbia, on Board of which were members of the Brazilian football club “Epicoene” and journalists, crashed before landing in the evening of 28 November local time. Onboard the liner there were 72 passengers and 9 crew members.