Detained at the Russian border by Ukrainian deserters began to testify

In the Rostov region questioning two Ukrainian deserters who had joined the Russian side. Defectors caught in two different areas. Each of the detainees explained that the armed forces of Ukraine he was drafted by force.


One of the recruits was taken despite the fact that his wife died, and the second was not allowed to care for her father. He added that in Ukraine nobody wants to fight,


In mid-November, Russian border guards detained another Ukrainian soldier, who said he intends to ask in our country for political asylum.


According to the detainees, in Ukraine, many believe the war is senseless and does not want to continue to kill citizens of their own country. Therefore, the decision about desertion, they adopted consciously.


We will remind, earlier it became known that the Russian border guards detained two Ukrainian soldiers Alexei Acuna and Bogdan Belozerova when crossing a state border in the Rostov region.

Photo: Michal Burza ZUMAPRESS / globallookpress