X hour: why Karjakin would become world chess champion

Late in the evening of 30 November, the Norwegian Magnus Carlsen and Russia’s Sergey Karjakin needs on a tie-break, the blitz or during the so-called Armageddon to determine who will become the new world chess champion. Radio “Zvezda” international grandmaster Yana Melnikova explained why the chances of our athletes better.


“Carlsen thought he was in rapid chess stronger because he’s in the final party deliberately played out a draw without a fight. But I believe that still, Karjakin has a very good chance, because, contrary to popular opinion, it is good in rapid chess and the blitz” – said the expert.


“The regulation is that before the rivals will play blitz in the five minutes they have four games in rapid chess, and speed chess have a good chance, I think he can win,” she concluded.


Earlier in 12 batches Carlsen and Karjakin was unable to identify the winner. While the Russians seriously upset the bookies, who clearly put that the top will take Norwegian.

Photo: Nancy O. sisel/ RIA Novosti